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Bake #16 ... Baci Di Dama

bite sized Italian biscuits, which name means ‘ladies kisses’. I thought the name was so adorable that I knew I had to make them.

The dough was very easy to make, it blitzed up in seconds and only required 30 minutes chill time. 188 more words


Chopped Chocolate Bunny Carrot Cupcakes with Buttercream Spicing

Like most children, my two year old daughter received a ridiculous amout of candy for Easter, including a giant chocolate Easter bunny. It seemed like some sort of child abuse to allow her to eat the entire bunny by herself. 282 more words

Sweet Tooth

The first butterflies

The first butterflies that I have seen in the garden!
#garden #summer #sun #butterflies #arnhem


The Basic (Raw) Brownie

Hello Spring!I greet you with brownies…

…made out of dates… and pecans… in a blender.
This isn’t anything new. Hence the title The Basic Brownie… 173 more words


Honey Tea Cake

I love cake! No, I mean I REALLY LOVE CAKE!

All kinds of cake actually but one of my favorites is tea cake. This is usually a plain cake that is heavy on the eggs, kind of like a pound cake, that goes very well with a cup of tea. 368 more words


Sweetness and Light

It’s very odd to find such light
In the dark, to find sweet stars shining
Bright in the midnight sky, as if warding
Of night terrors. 63 more words

Stovetop Granola

I have an issue with granola. I don’t see how one small handful can be packed with so many calories! I always end up overeating it and end up getting two times more than my “recommended servings of whole grain” in one sitting. 216 more words