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Jam doughnuts

The last of the trifecta of recipes today is the divine jam doughnut, from The New Zealand Chef.

As much as I try to avoid deep fried buns with fruit jam in the centre, these doughnuts are too good. 373 more words

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Chelsea buns

Following on from my last post (sweet bun dough), here is the Chelsea bun recipe, also from The New Zealand Chef. Again, I’ve slightly adapted it. 345 more words

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Sweet bun time

As training restaurant week looms, I’m excited. It will be invigorating to be in the kitchen with the added pressure of paying customers. My group is on desserts, so I’m hoping that the punters have a sweet tooth. 361 more words

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Starfruit aka Carambola

Star fruit, also known as carambola in Brazil, is a star ⭐️ shaped 🌴 tropical fruit with sweet and sour flavor. I grew up eating this in Brasil, but really it is native to Malayan peninsula and cultivated in many parts of Southeast Asia, Pacific islands and China. 519 more words

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Product Review: Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Coconut Shrimp

Product: Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Vegan Coconut Shrimp – $5.99+

Dear Sophie’s Kitchen:

I love you.  I love everything about you.  I love everything you develop and offer to the vegan and gluten free community.  1,131 more words


Product Review: Pamela's Products Gluten Free Strawberry & Fig Figgies & Jammies

Product: Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Strawberry & Fig Figgies & Jammies – $3.99+

And so the great kitchen purge continues…

So…let me explain this once more for those just tuning in.  929 more words


Eat The Rainbow!


Here is a colorful snack inspiration to you! Fruit salad is always a great choice and beats candy any day! 24 more words

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