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to Phuket

Hello Thailand!

Patong, Phuket, is very much for partying. For drinking, taking off your shirt, pretending you’re on Jersey Shore.
Apparently the Russian mafia are buying up a lot of real estate and the locals aren’t too happy about it. 117 more words


A single mutated gene can turn sweating completely off

Image: Flickr, Gregory Gill
People with a rare disorder called anhidrosis cannot produce sweat, and now a new study finds that the condition may be caused by a mutation in a single gene. 16 more words

Does sex count as cardio exercise? How many calories does it burn?

We get this question a lot. And we don’t list sex in cardio exercises for several reasons.

For reference, a cardio workout is anything that raises your heart rate for an extended period of time, usually 20-30 minutes. 227 more words

Weight Loss Wisdom

Singing and dancing our way through cardio

Altered our training slightly, during the week we’ve been concentrating on cardio.

So we’ve been going up and down this awful hill. I have named this hill, the name is very apt, however as this is a family site I’m afraid I can’t divulge, but suffice to say it’s the worst blue word I can come up with! 168 more words


8 Weeks Challenge - Day 4 (Cardio)

Today’s workout had me sweating so much that my eyes burn! Man, it was tough but I enjoyed every minute of it! There’s nothing like a little aerobics to get the blood pumping and the body feeling great…until after the workout when everywhere including your eyelashes feel sore :). 496 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss

everything is the way it is when it's younger

He stands up and looks
down, across the sea, can feel
the ice up wind and the pleasure
under the water. There is

a gate that is closing and… 65 more words

If you still look good afterwards, you ain't doin' it right!

So, here’s the thing:  most of us look towards others when we decide to take on a new hobby, goal, job, or whatever.  We look to see how ‘they’ are doing it, in order to figure out how we should be doing it.   476 more words