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Fast Speeds and Sweaty Assholes

This past work week I have been to the gym three times. The first time was Monday, and is too far back to remember anything other than the fact that I made it there. 924 more words

Real Life Stories

Breaking a sweat

There’s many benefits to a person when it comes to working out. You can really improve your self-confidence as a person by doing any kind of working out. 258 more words


The Myth of Melting Fat

It gets hot in the gym. One of the reasons I don’t like working out in the afternoon, especially during summer, is with all those bodies generating all that heat, I’m so warm that I don’t feel I get the best workout I can. 1,155 more words


Don't Sweat It

Hey there folks,

An issue I have come across recently is that many beginners into the gym/fitness world are worried about sweating. Maybe it’s because you think it’s gross or because you think other people will think you look bad. 278 more words



I wish I could say I conquered midnight panic attacks.  Or that I learned how to manage them.

The truth is, they persisted the entire semester, and I just tolerated them.   602 more words


5 Things NO ONE tells you about fitness

Search ‘fitness’ in Google Images.  Go on, I’ll wait…..

Page after page of happy looking people, bright gym clothes and teeth and all with one thing in common; MASSIVE SMILES. 830 more words

Let's forget February...

Let’s forget February. I am not a fan of February at all. No, no I am not and here’s why…

In Australia it is possibly on a climatic scale, the foulest of all months. 805 more words

Bad Hair Day