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Once Upon A Time: "Operation Mongoose" (S4Ep22)

This episode had everything I have come to expect for a Once Upon A Time finale: a slow start, a messy plot, Emma struggling to have chemistry with men, some great SwanQueen moments, the half season party at Granny’s and a whole lot of standing in the street. 2,924 more words

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Once Upon A Time: "Mother" (S4Ep21)

Oh, where do I even start with this episode? It had a lot of Regina, both in Storybrooke and in flashbacks. But in a testament to how terribly written this episode was, not even Lana Parrilla could save it. 1,445 more words

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Once Upon A Time 4x20 "Lily" Episode Reaction


1 ship, 2 friends, 3 words. SwanQueen road trip! Aka the only worthy part of the episode. I love Regina and Emma’s friendship. 614 more words

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Once Upon A Time: "Lily" (S4Ep20)

There has been a lot of SwanQueen this half season, but this might be the best Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) episode ever. And aside from all the subtext their story line was actually good, interesting and had me actually worried about Emma turning dark for a moment. 1,450 more words

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Once Upon A Time: "Sympathy for the De Vil" (S4Ep19)

Though this episode had two pretty good twists, they came so late in that it was about as out of left field and convenient as the re-introduction of Zelena last episode. 1,472 more words

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Once Upon A Time: "Enter the Dragon" (S4Ep15)

This episode was great. It was Regina (Lana Parrilla) focused. It had so much SwanQueen, more unintentional subtext, Snowing getting called out for being horrible and Baby Braids Regina! 1,683 more words

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