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The Wager- Part 1: In which nighttime discussions are had.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Literally I own nothing, like I don’t even have a job, so I make no money. I especially don’t own Emma Swan and Regina Mills (if I did Swan/Queen would have been cannon like episode 1). 1,237 more words

Emma Swan

Evil Queen: Star Signs (Are you just a little bit evil?)

Ruled by Mars, god of war

Aggression, leadership, enterprise, warfare, impulse, passion, inspiration, vengeance

Identify with Regina’s darker, primal instincts, allowing yourself to feel and act upon hatred, anger, and betrayal, domineering and powerful… 461 more words

Star Signs

The Dark Pursuit Webcomic: New Page~!

Check out the latest page of “The Dark Pursuit”, my fanart comic for my favourite show “Once Upon A Time”. I ship SwanQueen so there will definitely be a romance blooming between Emma and Regina as the comic progresses! :3


Enter Freely of your Own Will...

Welcome my darlings to the dungeon of our beloved Swan/Queen armada. In here you will find an assortment of tales to stimulate your mind and titillate your senses. 56 more words

Emma Swan

Once Upon A Time: "Operation Mongoose" (S4Ep22)

This episode had everything I have come to expect for a Once Upon A Time finale: a slow start, a messy plot, Emma struggling to have chemistry with men, some great SwanQueen moments, the half season party at Granny’s and a whole lot of standing in the street. 2,924 more words

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time: "Mother" (S4Ep21)

Oh, where do I even start with this episode? It had a lot of Regina, both in Storybrooke and in flashbacks. But in a testament to how terribly written this episode was, not even Lana Parrilla could save it. 1,445 more words

Once Upon A Time