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][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 04 ][ 2015 ][


THE HAND OF GLORY is back with my side of the show and this time I really hope you’re going to enjoy!
I think one of the best things into work with WHP is to have the chance to meet some amazing people and artists out there. 273 more words


Swallowed Foreign Body

This patient has staples in the midline still from surgery to remove an albuterol metered dose inhaler from the stomach.  Just in the upper portion of the stomach, you see an albuterol canister from a metered dose inhaler swallowed today. Patient is a prisoner

Medical Photography

Photo: Swallowed SpongeBob X-Ray

Check out the X-Ray from a toddler who swallowed a SpongeBob pendant.

A 16-month-old in Saudi Arabia was rushed to the emergency room recently after his parents saw him swallow some unidentified object. 37 more words


Rest Bright End

Water rest my soul
Nourish my hollow
It is time for me to go
Goodbye tomorrow

Wave me gone
Please do
Water, you are the only one… 23 more words


Swallowed by the dark

I watch you drown

Your face slips in to the deep dark

I watched you fall in

I thought it was a joke

But this reality has become a nightmare… 188 more words


Trees being swallowed up by an underwater sinkhole.


Here’s the wikipedia link for more information on sinkholes.

Footage shows tall trees sinking into underwater cavern at Bayou Corne in Louisiana. The phenomenon is being caused by the gradual collapse of an underground salt cavern that has put the whole area on alert. 23 more words