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Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Installment of Traffic Lights

To combat the many accidents and the traffic occurring in Seahorse High School, the administration proposed installing traffic lights in the hallways due to the constant hallway traffic rage. 382 more words

Sunset Media Wave

First time adventurer

This is my adventure channel, I have longboarding, snowboarding, and footage from my cruise. I truly believe everyone would enjoy these videos but if you are too lazy to click on that, there will be more stuff to read later on. 23 more words


Greetings fellow human!

My name is Justin and I like doing stuff. Like lots of stuff. Oh god, that sounded creepy. I meant martial arts, longboarding, and other stuff that I may reveal if you continue to stalk me :)


Music Discovery of the Day for 4/25/15

Today’s Discovery for Saturday, April 25 comes out of London. Hey, it’s been a few, might as well go back to the well. Bo Rocha is, apparently, a bad bitch. 59 more words


A visit to Jama Masjid

This one is from a vault, clicked 3 yrs ago by one of the co-founder @kunal__malhotra somewhere around jama masjid. We were in awe of this elderly man who was selling some sort of almond milk on the pavement sitting on a chair. 107 more words


So much swag; Vinny Gagnier’s 2014 highlights are money

Vincent Gagnier is able to put his body into positions that most of us wouldn’t dare to even attempt. The French Canadian has been on a big air campaign this season, flaunting his extremely difficult grabs and unique style on the competition circuit. 12 more words