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I Could Read a Book

Heard occasionally on the bandstand:
“Oh come on guys, surely you don’t have to read THAT one?”

Well, in theory we should all know just about every tune by memory. 747 more words


Richter at 100

There are many videos available online of the great pianist Sviatoslav Richter at work. In the “comments” section under many of the Richter videos one will often find a person complaining or simply stating that the recording is “fake” or appears to them to be “speeded up.” In this age of photo editing and video editing software, this era in which we assume lies are being told and fakery is afoot, it is something of a backwards compliment being paid to Sviatoslav Richter, who was born 100 years ago today. 1,027 more words

Daily Prompt

Recollections of Richter - part 2

When I was a child my father had in his LP collection a Schubert album with Richer on Monitor Records. That was one of the very few record labels that was offering artists from the then USSR to the West. 582 more words


Svâtoslav Rihter’s spontaneous recitals

In a 1997 interview, Svâtoslav Rihter spoke about his love of unscheduled performing.

“I now know from experience that things planned too far in advance always end up being aborted. 199 more words


What Richter means to me

Guest post by A Piano Fan

I have no personal reminiscences of getting to hear Richter live or meet him. I don’t even remember how I “got into Richter,” when or where I first heard what, but he’s become my favorite pianist. 312 more words


Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116.

Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116, performed by Mr. Richard Goode.

I compared three recordings (or more) of this work, before picking Mr. Goode. My favorite is Mr. 167 more words


Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.18, Op.31 No.3 - Sviatoslav Richter

The Script for Episode 2 has Seon Jae playing Beethoven’s Presto con fuoco from Sonata No.18, not the third movement of Appassionata that ultimately aired. 24 more words