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Feed your Plants! Video on Plant Food

Before putting out an article for homemade plant food ideas, I thought it would be best to tell you what exactly food plants need. It is important to know not just what works best, but why it works. 113 more words

Zerowaste Shampoo and Conditioner!

So a while ago I mentioned that I have finally used up all of my sample bottles of moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners. I have now reached the stage where the large shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom are only a quarter full. 310 more words


Happy Sunday

Hello Beautiful people, hope your feeling all pumped and upbeat like me.  I thought to would be nice to have a quite Sunday, reading some quotes, here is my most favourite one, just thought I would share. 37 more words


FarmHack UK 2015

This weekend FarmHack UK saw the coming together of a great diversity of people and ideas to Ruskinmill, Gloucestershire. This is the first time that the US born… 200 more words


Luffing Long Legs - Daddy Long Legs, Munich

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Munich, art galleries district, Daddy Long Legs

The swing. “This is our place,” I say, and nudge Melli. A little bit we have to mov the tables and then we sway perfect. 282 more words


When our only hope is to be sustainable.

I got an exam tomorrow and look at me, just blogging and all. But to be fair, it was marketing which actually inspired me on this. 656 more words

Full Grown

Growing your furniture?! Sounds a bit weird but why not? The technique is called botanical manufacturing and Full Grown is its pioneer. Headed by a furniture designer Gavin Munro, Full Grown wanted to challenge the way we think about furniture and how to make them by growing the furniture.  187 more words