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Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally

If you’ve just had it with taking the subway, or sitting in an office, or just generally being around other people, you may be in luck. 257 more words

Seeing Green

Do you wonder what it means when you see “green” written on a product? Is the item made of recycled material? Is the packaging recyclable? Is the entire ensemble healthier for us and the environment?  330 more words


Winter Vegetables

Our upgraded vegetable patch – from   the original vegie patch

to this:

We still need a gate, and then we wait.  If the birds become too problematic we will net the garden, if not, I may get away with plants netted when necessary.  310 more words


Wanted: Garden Bench

Yes I am still here.  I have been busy wrapping up my art room and grading final exams.  Plus, baseball season is in full swing, and all three of my sons play competitively, so I have been quite busy.   169 more words


Mushroom Hunting

One of our favorite activities is mushroom hunting.  There’s something about the Easter Egg Hunt quality of it all that makes it exciting.  Then you go home and you eat your success. 449 more words

Tending The Hearth

Long Overdue Update

Everything here has been coming along really nicely. The hens have settled in remarkably well. They have been free range around the orchard/ future forest garden and though they are still a little feather free in places, they seem to be healthy and we have continued to get around three eggs a day from the six of them. 194 more words


Blue zones and sustainable development

Yesterday I listened to a podcast on blue zones on the latest TED Radio Hour called the “The Fountain of Youth”. Blue zones are geographical regions where people live exceptionally longer than national average. 202 more words