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REAL sustainability - a new shampoo concept

We transport so many beauty care and household products around the world, knowing that they actually contain about 80% of water.

This does not really make sense right! 84 more words


Farming Redefined

We are mostly unaware of how our worldview influence our daily lives – how we approach and live our lives; how we make decisions; how we manage our environment and resources; whether we are consumers or conservers. 407 more words

Alternative Lifestyle

by way of introduction...

My name’s Hayley. I am an Australian, an environmental studies graduate, a cellist, a tea-drinker, and a consumer of as much interesting knowledge as can fit into my mind.   173 more words


March Green Bean Challenge: Grow Your Own

It’s March! We’re a third of the way through the year and Spring is on the way. I’m looking forward to the better weather so that mummy and daddy bean can take me out more places! 265 more words

Green Bean Challenge

Prefab "carbon-positive" houses actually make more energy than they use

Prefabricated homes already have plenty going for them: They don’t take long to construct, can fit into small urban spaces, and can even be an  281 more words

The trouble with Petropolis [1/2]

I first read the work of Herbert Girardet in Undercurrents in the early eighties, and his short book Creating Sustainable Cities – published in 2006 by Green Books – was fundamental in shaping my view of the planet’s urban boom. 983 more words


What matters in (Green) politics?

I joined the UK Green Party recently. There’s a lot to fix with its internal organisation, media presentation and other peripheral aspects. There are bits of policy that need serious work. 1,533 more words