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US company institutes $70k minimum wage

The CEO and founder of a credit card payments processing company in the US has decided to pay all of his staff at least $70k per annum, after reading that this was the appropriate salary for maximum “emotional well-being”. 53 more words

The Co-op and Fairtrade

The Co-operative Group’s AGM is coming up in May and it looks like some of its members have put forward a motion to strengthen its commitment to Fairtrade. 112 more words

Sustainability in Football

Following protests in Manchester over the last few days, Manchester United Football Club announced today that it would start paying its staff the “living wage” (£7.85 an hour): 123 more words

Facebook violates data protection laws

Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s been confirmed that Facebook is illegally tracking, for advertising purposes, all visitors to its site, whether registered or not. Hopefully this will bring some tighter legislation on online privacy: 7 more words

Corporate Boards and Sustainability

Researchers often focus on the role of top management in implementing an organisation’s “sustainability” strategy, but, as this article suggests, the role of the Board may be even more important. 19 more words

Starbucks and "Conscious Capitalism"

Interesting article in the Observer today about Starbucks’ new initiative inviting customers and staff to start conversations about race. The article expands into an analysis of Starbucks’ recent attempts to “redefine the role and responsibility of a public company”. 31 more words

Worldwatch - State of the World 2014

This is an interesting little piece plugging Worldwatch’s latest “State of the World” report. The author of the chapter of the report profiled here is Lou Pingeot, who considers the role of the UN in making corporations more transparent and accountable: 30 more words