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vCenter Server Appliance in vSphere 6.0 (vCSA)

The vCenter Server Appliance was in older releases a nice feature that was never ended in development.

A lot of features and functions that you had with the Windows Server based vCenter server, were not possible with the appliance. 208 more words


Of Trees and Technology (Updated)

I don’t take myself that seriously, so if you are amused, I’ll laugh along with you.

So, for example, as a pretty serious woodsman with hand tools, you should not be surprised if I tell you that trees talk to me. 973 more words


NoHassle For Iphone Case High Quality Suse Linux Novell

It produces better on-the-job efficiency. novell certified professionals are more efficient and efficient at the office.

If you want a secure operating system you might consider… 352 more words

Sending syslog messages from a Linux box to SIEM

Let’s imagine that we need to direct log messages from our Linux box to SIEM solution. For centralized management/backup or correlation purposes. How do we do that? 288 more words


Kernel Tinkering, SuSE, and SteamOS

This is what I like about studying for certifications. They force you to look into subjects at a deeper level than you may otherwise have done. 203 more words


One month recap

It has now been two weeks since I switched to Ubuntu. The recap so far has been the initial installation was very simple. I have since switched from Chromium to Firefox, since Chromium has DRM and I had to install extra plugins just to get normal functionality. 251 more words

Broadening my horizons

I decided that since this is an experiment that I should not use the same operating system on both my systems. I have decided to keep Ubuntu on my Desktop and use openSUSE on my laptop. 224 more words