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Quiet: Introvert Thinking (Or Proud to be an INFJ)

Quiet, by Susan Cain, was the book I chose to bring with me to a slew of Doctor’s appointments. “Perfect,” I thought. “I can skim through this quickly while waiting.” I waived my husband off, suggesting that he run errands. 936 more words

Reading And Writing

What I Gained From Reading Quiet

Prior to being published,the content of this post has been deleted,edited and re-written countless times.After pondering how I could write a review of Quiet,I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to pay tribute to this fantastic book and encourage people to pick it would be to list everything I’ve gained from reading it. 1,268 more words



After yesterday’s very personal post on the issues we face on networking as introverts, I thought I’d show you a video that has become so popular from TED  on the topic. 22 more words


How to care for your introvert: a helpful guide

Does the photo above look familiar to you? If so – congratulations! You’re in a relationship with an introvert!

This introvert might be your romantic partner, friend, child, parent or even yourself. 677 more words


“Nothing gives me more pain and distress than to see a minister standing almost motionless, coldly plodding on as a mathematician would calculate the distance of the Moon from the Earth,” complained a religious newspaper in 1837.”


“Miltown was marketed to men and immediately became the fastest-selling pharmaceutical in American history, according to the social historian Andrea Tone.”


“Paul Buck declared in the late 1940s that Harvard should reject the “sensitive, neurotic” type and the “intellectually over-stimulated” in favor of boys of the “healthy extrovert kind.”