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Meaning of Life | Almighty God's Utterance "What Is a Real 'Man'"

Almighty GodEastern LightningThe Church of Almighty God

Almighty God says, “But you should know that the men I created were originally holy men who had my image and my glory, and that they originally did not belong to satan and were not trampled by satan but were purely my manifestation and did not have any satanic poison. 120 more words

Almighty God's Utterance (English Dubbed)

I'm Chantel. I'm New. I'm A Survivor.

Hi all! I am Chantel. I am glad to be here. Well, I am a bit upset that I have a reason to be here, but since I do, I will use this and try and also help others! 74 more words

Another Brave Survivor Speaks Out...

Thanks to first responders, we have one more survivor (rather than casualty) of Inter-Personal Violence. And the violent perpetrator that nearly killed her only got fifteen years (of which he will only serve a portion) for attempted murder. 10 more words

12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor, Ultra-Marathoner Team Up To Inspire Young Patients

ORANGE (CBSLA.com)  —  A 12-year-old cancer survivor and ultra-marathoner have teamed up to help inspire young patients.

They took pictures, they bought gifts. It was all to uplift children who are battling cancer at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. 295 more words


introduction, this is me...

At first, I myself used the excuses;

“He’s the father of my children”, “Just this once” , “we have been through so much together, he’s just dealing with the loss of our child”. 355 more words


TED Talk Steve Silberman: The Forgotten History of Autism

This short video taught me more than I can digest on Autism. Every parent needs to watch, the signs of bad behavior can also indicate symptoms on the Autism Spectrum.   107 more words