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Art gives value to survival.

C.S. Lewis memorably wrote that art and philosophy — in other words, the substance of what we call human culture — have no survival value but, rather, give value to survival. 384 more words

Fear No Art

Mar 2 Conclusion - New Title screen

There is now a new title screen, the end. Just kidding, but pretty much. I’ve also begun working on a method for randomly generating the map, starting with a border of water (given that this is an island). 43 more words



We have talked about many enjoyable topic in this series such as deepening our spiritual lives, finding ways to contribute to the lives of others, and just taking the blinders off of our lives and allowing ourselves just to dream with our personal vision. 1,213 more words

Ministry Monday

A Mother's Winter Survival Guide

It’s March.  That means that we northerners have been dealing with too-cold-to-go-outside temperatures, a never-ending barrage of germs, and approximately six hours of daylight for… WAY TOO LONG!   1,115 more words


Spirit of the Hunt

The firm massage of leafy branches on her back felt comforting as she crawled under the toppled tree. She would rest here a moment and get her bearings. 550 more words

Short Stories

Eat Sleep RAPE Repeat

Yes I said it, and I would say it again. The wishful desire of the youth to blow off steam with a night of inebriation and the unfortunate need of indulging in the “snorting” culture amongst the vibrations of dubstep, had been coined the term of a rave. 934 more words



Directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano

It’s been quite a while since my last review. That is highly unfortunate and I do sincerely apologize but nevertheless, I have returned. 233 more words