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How to make a 'medieval style' possible pouch

During the Middle Age was common carrying small items like coins, keys, inside pouches or purses attached to the belt.
There are many archaeological and iconographical documents, you can search for your favorite patterns, but there is a model that in my opinion, is one of the best for a bushcrafter. 319 more words

Bushcraft Equipment

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Here is a great little instruction set on how to make a European Medieval-style belt bag. You see these in paintings and illustrations on just about every traveler. Not only will you come out with a nice bag but it is a fine and simple introduction into leather working and sewing. All makers need to start somewhere and this might be the right project.

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Went to a new district today and my spider senses went into instant overdrive.
SWMBO is the same as me in that respect although not quite as street wise but even she has been known to “clunk” the central locking in places WAY BEFORE I DO. 221 more words


Yuk, Mengenal Lebih Jauh Tentang Bushcraft

Alam Indonesia sangat kaya dengan aneka tantangan. Hutan dan belantara termasuk di dalamnya gunung dan pegunungan jadi media yang tepat untuk menyalurkan minat dan bakat, melatih kepekaan dan kemampuan demi peningkatan kualitas diri. 171 more words

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Apa Beda Bushcraft dan Survival?

Indonesia dianugerahi hutan dan belantara. Gunung berapi, danau hasil dari letusan gunung dan atau pegunungan, hingga bentang alam Indonesia yang berada digaris khatulistiwa yang memiliki keunikan tersendiri. 132 more words

Kabar Petualang

Getting on with Life - Chronic Pain

For a good few months, after everything failed, i had no idea how to cope. How was I just supposed to get on with my life? 682 more words

Quote for Today: Toni Morrison

And in all those escapes he could not help being astonished by the beauty of this land that was not his. He hid in its breast, fingered its earth for food, clung to its banks to lap water and tried not to love it. 72 more words

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April Book of the Month

I cannot believe it is April already. I feel like 2015 started yesterday. I will say that I am lovin the 65 degree weather, since this winter was one cold day after the next.   457 more words

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