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Pumpkin Seeds & Weeds

Today I battled the yard. This is not any ordinary yard but a yard already preoccupied by its own species,  You would think that aliens would not want to sprout their spores in New Mexico due to dry, infertile conditions but unfortunately I was mistaken.  487 more words


The Dying Church

Have you ever known someone who tried to get better while continuing to do the very thing that made them sick in the first place? I knew a man some time back that illustrated this perfectly. 1,557 more words


{Affordable Care Act} D.C. Meet AJ

There are moments where I have to pinch myself to make sure that I really am living this life. I went from survivor to advocate, to spokeswoman. 462 more words


The strong and the sword

We hold the sword and some feel powerful, some feel protected and others feel one part of them overriding the others as they done a mask of how they see a sword wielder. 330 more words


I Want to Survive

We never need to give up though we may feel we have to. But you can lower your expectations of yourself- perhaps in just being you you are enough. 309 more words


A Viet Nam War pilot who stopped a massacre

Just know this about the world: stop violence and you may be villified because many people are sleepwalkers. Thank you, Hugh, Glenn, and Laurence, and to everyone else working in whatever way you do to prevent wrongs and protect the stupid. 449 more words


Evolutionary Game Theory, Coevolution and Red Queen Syndrome.

Evolutionary game theory (EGT) is the application of game theory to evolving populations of life forms in biology. It is especially useful for understanding the phenomenon of coevolution. 394 more words