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top 10 reasons Bill C-51 might not work

  1. Suddenly CSIS will be able to track all your pull my finger jokes.
  1. Stephen Harper has to do it because he lost that ‘who has the worst hair’ bet with Kim Jong-il.
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Dutch To Collect Fingerprints And Biometric Data For ID Documents

The Netherlands may collect fingerprints and store all biometric data from its citizens when applying for a passport, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday. 222 more words

Total Control

Memex In Action: Watch DARPA Artificial Intelligence Search For Crime On The 'Dark Web' - Forbes

The Memex technology, named after an mechanical mnemonic dreamt up just as the Second World War was coming to a close, has already been put to use by a number of law enforcement agencies, who are looking to counter crime taking place on networks like Tor, where Hidden Services are protected by the privacy-enhancing, encrypted hosting, often for good, often for bad. 38 more words


Dominion Security Systems, Falmouth, 2012

“Dominion Security Systems” burglar alarm, Falmouth • Not a big initial, but a very small and decorative “D” (incorporating an S), above the name. • Spotted: Killigrew Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Truro and Falmouth

Burglar Alarm

Researchers Develop A Troll-Hunting Algorithm | Popular Science

  • After an 18-month study of banned commenters on cnn.com, breitbart.com and ign.com, three researchers claim they can identify Internet trolls with great accuracy. The say their system can spot an inflammatory commenter in less than 10 posts.
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Year 12 IPT Writing Task

The following is a short essay I wrote in Grade 12 (3+ years ago) for my Information Processes and Technology class. It’s fun to see the progress I’ve made transitioning from haphazard essays such as this to the more eloquent, well scripted assignments I complete today. 888 more words


Body cameras could transform policing – for the worse

Shakeer Rahman writes for Al Jazeera America:

‘The day after video surfaced of a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer shooting Walter Scott in the back, the town’s mayor announced plans to outfit all its police officers with body cameras. 141 more words