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Surburbia Kills

I was the first born.  Before the the mountains had rose from the sea, before the clouds hung in the sky, I came first.  My brother was the tree, who provided me with its fruit.   197 more words


Mia Araujo

Los Angeles based pop surrealism painter Mia Araujo conjures beautiful scenes rich in symbolism, mythology, alchemy and dreams.

She says:
I have long been fascinated by the multi-faceted complexity that makes each person unique. 57 more words


Cthulhu traveling at night, 2014

this is unusual for me because i drew/painted (does anybody know if working with pastels is considered drawing or painting?) this with oil pastels. i love spirals and anything with tentacles. :)

Unusual Configurations of Food Photography

Photographers like you at home and Steven Van Hoyweghen are patient, in fact Steven contacted The Tabula a while back with a link to his website – and it’s safe to say one was bowled over at the sheer breadth and exquisite quality of his work. 144 more words