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Balloon-assisted microcatheter navigation for AVM embolization: technical note


Recurrent feeders may preclude a successful arterial catheterization of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). In this paper, the authors report their experience with the use of a compliant balloon to assist the microcatheter navigation in AVMs supplied by feeders with recurrent configuration. 120 more words


Long-term follow-up study of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture treated using balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty



Long-term follow-up study is required for verifying whether the clinical outcomes of kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty are altered. The authors’ findings showed only subtle differences between these operations within a 5-year period. 290 more words


Biocultures in Academic Medicine: A Not-So-Accidental Tourist

For the past two months, I’ve taken a return to the roots I know so well:  a humanities-based-interloper, standing on the outskirts of medicine and surgery as a quietly enthusiastic groupie.  635 more words

MLC Tracking Improves Dose Delivery for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy: Results of the First Clinical Trial

MLC tracking has been implemented for the first time in a prospective prostate cancer clinical trial. Dose reconstruction has been performed for 475 treatment fractions for 15 patients. 64 more words

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Neuropsychological outcome of children treated for standard risk medulloblastoma in the PNET4 European randomised controlled trial of hyperfractionated (HFRT) versus standard radiotherapy (STRT) and maintenance chemotherapy

Cognitive performance (Intelligence Quotient) in children and young adults with standard risk medulloblastoma in the XXXXX randomised controlled treatment trial were compared between those allocated to hyperfractionated (HFRT arm) or standard radiation therapy (STRT arm), followed, in both treatment arms, by a standard chemotherapy regimen. 47 more words

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Combined limb-sparing surgery and radiation therapy to treat sarcomas of the hands and feet: long-term cancer outcomes and morbidity

Soft tissue sarcomas of the hand or foot are rare and optimal local management approach is controversial. We reviewed our clinical experience using combined radiation therapy and surgery. 63 more words

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The continuation of chemotherapy followed by radiation may obtain durable complete remission in early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma patients with a positive FDG-Positron Emission Tomography after the first two ABVD Cycles

This study retrospectively analyzed a cohort of 257 stage I-IIAB Hodgkin Lymphoma patients treated with chemotherapy plus radiotherapy who performed an interim FDG-PET (i-FDG-PET) scan after the first two ABVD cycles. 54 more words

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