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Tonsillectomy - The Removal of the Little Suckers + 12 Things No One Tells You

** WARNING: This post contains gross content. Please do not read further if you do not enjoy reading about bodily problems, or seeing vile pictures… Trust me, I took them and I really think they are gross yet the pictures are of my own body. 3,163 more words


I love countdowns…countdowns to ringing in the New Year, crossing off calendar days til vacation, knocking out speed workouts one interval at a time, and even calculating hours left until the end of hard work days. 800 more words


Have a little patience.

Patience is a virtue, yet I don’t have any. Patient people are laidback and to me they lack passion, there’s just no rush for anything to get done. 279 more words

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Blog Entry 6: Nichole

Mom is doing much better than what she was a day ago. She’s sounding more like her old self now that all the drugs she was initially under have worn off. 268 more words


Missed it by that much.

It’s easy to dismiss those nagging paranoid feelings that linger in the back of your subconscious most of the time. ‘The universe is out to get me,’ ‘ 1,632 more words


Bra Size 'G for Gorgeous '

I was a C cup in middle school and by 9th grade I was a D cup. In 9th grade I got dress coded on a regular basis anytime I wore a shirt that wasn’t a crew neck. 2,397 more words


What Is Facial Fillers Houston

Battling the indications of aging is a steady battle. Wrinkles frequently appear to spring up daily, and that grey hair merely never ever appears to remain colored correctly. 1,211 more words

Blepharoplasty Houston