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You keep me hanging on

The Supremes will hear King vs. Burwell this week. At issue: whether the plaintiff’s novel interpretation of four words qualify for disembowelment of the Affordable Care Act. 412 more words

Language matters. Especially important language.

The Supreme Court is hearing an Obamacare challenge this week that – popularly, at least – is about four words.

Try to ignore for a moment how you feel about Obamacare and who should or should not be in the business of providing or requiring individuals to be insured. 181 more words

Brief Liberal media criticism

I was watching CNN’s State of the Union today while making breakfast. Anchor Dana Bash is talking about the 2016 potential hopefuls, largely focusing on the Republican Party’s recent CPAC conference where many top names like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker showed up to garner support. 541 more words

Media Criticism

Obamacare threatens to end John Roberts’s dream of a nonpartisan Supreme Court

Washington Post: The first time the Affordable Care Act came before the Supreme Court, its constitutional foundation under attack, John G. Roberts Jr. was its unlikely savior. 173 more words


What's Next If Supreme Court Nixes Obamacare?

Let’s just dream for a moment, shall we? There are a lot of us out there that would LOVE to see the Supreme Court find in favor of King in King v. 595 more words