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Distractions and Alternatives to Self-Harm

Adapted from Secret Shame: What to do RIGHT NOW instead of SI.

If you’re trying to stop self-harming, you might find this list of distractions and alternatives useful. 1,129 more words

Mental Health

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Hello readers, I wanted to share this with you. Recently I've taken a massive dip in my depression and although I've sought support from my wonderful fellow Sharkies, I have continued to deteriorate rapidly (which is why I haven't posted as frequently as normal) so in my search for help I came across this blog and it really helped me and so I wanted to share it with you. It's really informative and supportive, with lots of help and advice for coping with mental heath conditions such as depression. If you're ever in need of some help managing your mental health please visit this blog. Or if you ever feel alone you can talk to me, you can comment on any of my blog posts, you can pm me on my facebook page or my tumblr or you can dm me via instagram, all links down the right hand side of my page. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ♥

The Reinforcement Squad

I’ve never run a marathon.

But I lived on a street that had a lot of them. One biting gray day, I walked to the corner to watch. 323 more words

How do YOU feel?

Someone asks, ”how do you feel today?”

I feel…

Frustrated, with my body for not revealing answers.

Disappointed, for not being able to be ‘normal’. 270 more words


I have returned! (... with another award).

Hello followers!
It has been almost two weeks, I believe.
Thank you for all of your kind get well wishes and emails – I truly appreciate it. 604 more words


Survivor — An Article on Medium

Please click the link below to read the article I wrote for my profile on the Medium website. Feedback is welcome!

Survivor — Medium.

Thank you.


Reviews? Ooh, yes please! Bring them on!

Several people have emailed me this week asking if I have copies of my five books at home – and, if so, could they buy a signed copy. 783 more words