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The 102 Ad Collective: Video Content

We’re breaking into video over at the 102 Ad Collective! The students have been learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and (in some cases) Adobe Flash to build both live action and animated video advertisements. 29 more words


Chinese Film: Family 家 (Ba Jin 巴金)1956(With English Subtitles)

作家 Writer: Ba Jin 巴金


(The Text of the Novel “Family” in Chinese )–For the Intermediate or Advanced Chinese Readers


How to cut something out of an image and import it into your ad using Photoshop

You’ve created a blank canvas for your ad in Photoshop. Now, you want to open another image from the internet (say, a picture of a shoe) and cut an element of that image out (say, cut the shoe out from the background) so you can paste it into your ad. 71 more words


The 102 Ad Collective

The 102 students of #3174B (yes, all of them) have formed a company called The 102 Ad Collective (“The 102” for short). It’s a pro-bono ad agency currently partnered with clients such as… 20 more words