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The 102 Ad Collective

The 102 students of #3174B (yes, all of them) have formed a company called The 102 Ad Collective (“The 102” for short). It’s a pro-bono ad agency currently partnered with clients such as… 20 more words


Chinese Riddle 2 中国谜语2 远看山有色, 近听水无声。

Please watch the video after you have a chance to guess the meaning. This poem is a word puzzle.
远看山有色, 近听水无声。 春去花还在,人来鸟不惊。

yuǎn kàn shān yǒu sè, jìn tīng shuǐ wúshēng 。

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Chinese Riddle 1 中国谜语1:有面没有口

Riddle 1:


English Translation:

It has a face but no mouth, it has feet but no hands. 244 more words


A Chinese Song: 《新年好呀新年好呀》(xīnnián hǎo ya, xīnnián hǎo ya !Happy New Year!)

《新年好呀新年好呀》歌词:xīnnián hǎo ya, xīnnián hǎo ya gēcí : 

新年好呀! 新年好呀!

Xīnnián hǎo ya! Xīnnián hǎo ya!


zhù dàjiā xīnnián hǎo ,

我们唱歌, 我们跳舞,

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A Chinese Poem:《静夜思》Jing Ye Si (Thought upon A Quiet Night) (by Li Bai 李白)

《静夜思》Jing Ye Si(Thought upon A Quiet Night) by Li Bai 李白

This poem was composed by the most well-known Chinese poet. It can be recited by all Chinese and is the first poem many Chinese children learn. 520 more words


A Chinese Poem: 《偶然》Ouran (By Chance by Xu Zhi Mo 徐志摩)

A Chinese Poem by a famous modern poet Xu Zhi Mo: 《偶然》(ǒu rán –“by Chance”)

Biography of Xu Zhimo (1897—1931)

Please find the Chinese script of the poem, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation at the end of the post. 771 more words