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The Grey Legacy - Prologue (Redone)

written and directed by R.E.Paige and Misty Anna

Robyn Rybnik – Erica Arden-Grey


Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright

Series: The Phoenix Pack   Book: 4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 7th April

The Blurb

It happens whenever wolf shifter Roni Axton is near Marcus Fuller: a crackle of sexual awareness that’s intoxicating…and deeply annoying. 548 more words

Book Review

Return to Augie Hobble - A Supernatural Notebook and a Werewolf?

Return to Augie Hobble, by Lane Smith (May 2015, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group), $16.99, ISBN: 9781626720541

Recommended for ages 9-13

Augie Hobble lives and works at Fairy Tale place, an amusement park managed by his father. 218 more words


Linear Expressionism - Visionary marks

This is based upon a kind of vision in which I was whisked away from the conditioned matrix of a world to the vibrant environment where Yahshua (Jesus) revealed such an enigmatic supernatural reality, that it affected me when I woke from it … and I still am!


Death Parade - Overall Anime Review -There Is A Point In Life

The next time someone tells you, life is a shitty game, throw them out of the damn window, please. (Here’s looking right at you, Sora… 1,186 more words



In season 9 Gadreel tells Dean that if he tells Sam that Gadreel is possessing him, then Sam will be able to expel Gadreel. Now this is interesting because no other angel past or present seems to be afraid of being expelled if the host doesn’t want them anymore. 131 more words

School Ningyo chap. 08

The end of Noriko and Misaki’s story and also the end of volume one!
Look forward to the second and final volume~

Chap. 08 : MEGA | Torrent | BATOTO | MANGAFOX

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