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The Princess has arrived ...

Superheroes in Prose Volume 11: The Princess of Atlantis is on sale in the kindle store now!  It includes a preview of the Handbook that was released yesterday and my other new book: Space Pulp!

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Who are or have been your heroes/heroines?

Mister C’s Response:

Had a couple of teachers in high school I looked up to. One was our leader of our Sprockets Cycling Club, Gerold Maxwell. 1,443 more words

Cormacs Comics; #1 "C-Man & the Evil Child Eating School"

Its a pretty surreal world from the Cormac Point of View.

Watch out Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis and company!

Read the strip and listen to the interview with the Author and Illustrator.

This Boy is on Fire!



If I were a superhero…..I would be hanging out at bars during my free time because I think a lot of people would buy me shots… I’d probably have to drink a lot of shots because I’d be “super human” unless of course my kryptonite was actually alcohol and I’d get drunk off two drinks. 114 more words


@bencorx » Makeup artist transforms regular humans into superheroes

You don’t need a radioactive spider bite or a magic hammer to be a superhero, you just need makeup artist Lianne Moseley and her set of body paints » … 16 more words

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