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Boy's Basketball ends season

This year’s Varsity Boy’s Basketball  team broke school records and set new standards for teams to come.

“We broke our school records for wins, with 25 wins, we also won the Greenway tournament which was an accomplishment, and we haven’t done that in a while,” Head Coach Jason Pasinski said. 174 more words

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NHS President balances resposibilities

National Honors Society President Kenji Onaka worked on the Senior Citizen Prom and other fundraisers.

“ Friday February 20, we our senior citizen prom at the old folk’s home and that’s one of the biggest events that NHS does,” NHS President Kenji Onaka said. 145 more words

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Varsity wrestling team participates in wrestling event

The Wrestling team participated in the event last Saturday at Tim’s Toyota.“Saturday is an event that lets wrestlers show how talented they are or how far they’ve come,”  JV wrestler Jacob Musick said. 179 more words

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U of A suffers loss to ASU

U of A fans are devastated after another loss to ASU. The ending score was 81-79 and the Sun Devils took it in overtime.

Although ASU fans were happy about the win, they really weren’t surprised at all considering how many times their team has defeated U of A. 105 more words

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CCC allows students to share their faith

Students at Sunrise every Wednesday have an opportunity to share their faith with the Christian Club on Campus.

The CCC meets up every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 in the Lecture Hall to learn and worship. 95 more words

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GCU visits to talk to students

Grand Canyon University admission representative Ashley Hardin talked with SMHS students who were interested in attending the school and explained why she recommended the school. 138 more words

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Boys' Varsity Basketball plays sectional game

The boys’ varsity basketball team recently had a game on Wednesday, Feb. 11.

The day of the big game player number 42 who also made the winning shot against Dysart last week gave his thoughts on the team finally making it to sectionals. 231 more words

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