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Sunny Days

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Tear Stained Cheeks

Heart Wrenching Sobs

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Garden hammocks

I finally got around to getting a new hammock for the garden as the other one had rotted. I also bought a hammock chair and then spent the afternoon cutting back brush, mainly alder trees and nettles, with a BG parang given to me by my friend John. 12 more words

Kew Gardens Part 2

The Tower by the Victoria Gate entrance.

Sunny leaves

Mock Ruined Arch

Here are some more Kew Gardens pictures for you. Sorry I’ve been so slow in getting them up, life is a little hectic at the moment! 34 more words


Macro | Small Red Flowers

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Small red flowers in a large pot on the sidewalk.

By binventive

Source: 500px.com




· Location: 20km South West of Munich, easily accessible by car and public transport: S6 Possenhofen, A95 Seeshaupt.

· What will you find:  530 more words


Fourteen: Pretend Brothers

At Uni, one of the main things I’ve missed is the relationship I have with my brothers. We have such a fun relationship where we can be friends and laugh and just enjoy being together. 76 more words