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Event Maintenance Day, or, Come At Me Kadokawa

The highlight of the day of course being the start of the Summer 2015 Kantai Collection event.  I ran what expeditions I could before the servers went down for maintenance, though I’m as I’d ever be for the event, I suppose. 54 more words

Personal Thoughts

the garden

In the gray morning, I watched an otter swimming in the clear water by the mermaid statue on my way to work. Sleek and playful in the small, lapping waves, it made me wish for summer beach days. 131 more words


Do what you love. Love what you do

Feeling nice and awesome when there are so many thankful thoughts, and new ideas. Thank you a lot for this, vision and concessness.

How much beautiful our life is. 94 more words


A Short Walk To Kinder Scout.

I met with a few people yesterday in Edale. We didn’t do a long walk, just up Crowden and onto the Kinder plateau. As one group then headed to the highest point, i took a couple along the edge to Grindslow Knoll and back down to Edale, where we had a beer and met the others when they caught us up again. 221 more words


Coffee Shop Days 2

Okay so check it. I’m sitting by the window in Heine Bros and right outside there is a table with an old lady sitting there. I low-key feel like she’s reading what I’m typing right now, so if she is… Hello! 83 more words

And The Usual Weekly Wishes

I think I was able to sleep really well today, which hopefully means that I won’t have to resort to more caffeine than usual when I get to the office later on.   150 more words

Personal Thoughts