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Please join me on Eco Sunday !

Eco Spirit invites all children to enjoy the spirit of nature!

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Painting, drawing, Eco Art workshops, pony rides and re-discovering the world in a beautiful refuge in La Pena. 56 more words


Bet you weren’t expecting that! Sean just felt like putting together a short day vlog for you.


Reay Vision: http://goo.gl/ZAIJ7z

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Hello! How lovely weekends are as summer is getting closer and closer..! Such a paradise, relaxing in a cute patio like this above, eating icecream, reading a book or have fun with close friends! 93 more words


Ten ways to Sunday 

I’m an empty vessel, tattered moments and fragments of happiness fill me. Trying to chase the imbalance of my mind, just to be real. Have the air taken out of me, to human in the most innate sense. 194 more words

The Unique Sabbath - Day Four- The Delight

If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on my holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight… Isaiah 58:13… 156 more words

Daily Devotion

Embrace the Reign

Before the main meeting at church Sunday morning, I found myself outside of any conversation. For some reason, I didn’t feel really talkative that day. I could have stood in an empty church and felt the same as I did then, but I do not blame my brothers and sisters in Christ; there was a lesson I needed to learn… So, instead of standingaround like a silent and twitchy statue, I chose to sit on the front steps of the church. 2,000 more words


Something To Make This Weekend - Memorial Weekend

These look bloody delicious and easy to make. I think I may bring some to the Sunday BBQ that I am going to this weekend.