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Weekend Recovery

Seems like the general public is trying to recover from a rough weekend. Shark Week. Swimming Pools. World Cup Soccer. Burn treatments. And Christmas? 20 weeks till Christmas should not make it trend on Pinterest….

Hardwell to set a new World Record with his United We Are foundation event in Mumbai

In the current world, DJs and producers are becoming celebrities and superstars who love to spend and feel rich every day. But there are few who still look at the bigger picture and believe in the social support and value. 393 more words


"Sunburn Art" Is The Dumbest Thing Trending!

People are stupid. How many times have you heard that the sun can cause skin cancer? At this point in life, the idea of wearing sunscreen should be ingrained in your brain! 178 more words



Although Autumn is my favourite season, Summer will always hold a special place in my heart. Some days Summer is the greatest part of the year, and others I find myself sprawled out in front of a fan counting the days until the first predicted snow fall. 931 more words

Jamaica 2015: Week 2

I was up early on Sunday, like the day before. I just didn’t want to waste any time indoors when I could be outside on that gorgeous… 806 more words

Virgin Skin Burn

DEFINITION: The ungodly white skin that is usually protected by an item of clothing that (un)intentionally ends up exposed to the elements and receives the reddest, sorest, burnt-in-hell sunburn of them all.