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Go Biker, Hi Taiwan

The inclusion of Taiwan on our itinerary held two attractors. One was visiting our local friends (Jack & Kitty) and the other was cycling around Sun Moon Lake. 675 more words


A Fabulous Trip to Sun "HOON" Lake

On December 27th we welcomed our second visit from the ranks of our friends in America. The Hoon family, Zack & Jayne and their sons Clay & Carter arrived for a week-long adventure. 1,093 more words

Sun Moon Lake

For my 19th post for the  Blogging A to Z Challenge, I have put together a photo essay about a day trip to Sun Moon Lake on 14 March 2015. 917 more words


Spring Holiday - Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)… I had looked up pictures and the view seemed amazing on the internet, mesmerizing, at least. I wanted to see the lake, the mountains, the sunset, if possible. 854 more words


Spring Holiday - On our way to Sun Moon Lake!

On our way from Tainan to Sun Moon Lake, we had to wait in Ershui (二水), the first stop of the Jiji Line, so we entered the tourist center at the station and talked with the employee for a bit. 484 more words


Video of our recent trip to Sun Moon Lake

Last month we visited Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan as well as a few places of interest in the area.

Family in Taiwan Round 1

March 7-9, 2015

I am very lucky because not one, but three of my family members decided to come to visit me in Taiwan. Due to scheduling reasons they were not able to all come at the same time, but I was able to find subs for my classes for both of their visits. 1,057 more words