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Sorry but this is going to be very Random.......

After finishing up the 2 Day Cleanse yesterday I felt great! Tons of energy after my coffee and breakfast! I decided I would get some things done during the day around the house and then go do some errands….Before going to a Body Pump class at the gym at 4:30. 678 more words


Summer lovebirds

I imagine these lovebirds were on vacation by the seaside on a summer day, and took a souvenir picture of them together at the local photographer. 76 more words


A Summer Day.


He said and a smile beamed across my face.

Yes, mine.

I have progressed through life heavily relying on this phantasm of a word, which promises a remarkable safety net for every action we do. 800 more words


4-18: Friday Florals. 

Hello Muffins! Happy Saturday!

Yesterday was my colleges Greek life banquet after a very fun Greek week. The theme was Harry Potter, so much fun! Anyways I thought since I was a bit more dressed up then usual, I would share with you what I wore. 32 more words



*Please enjoy this prerecorded message, since I live in an awkward internet deadzone located a mere 5 minutes from civilization. I am currently doing fun, non-internet-related stuff like packing, cleaning my basement, and not checking Facebook. 459 more words