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Standards-based assessment

P3 – Practice standards-based assessment.  I must us formative, summative, and students’s self-assessments to improve my instruction and my students’ learning.

For evidence, I have included one of the many formative assessments that occurred during a math unit introducing algebra as well as a unit test cover sheet. 501 more words

Formative Assessment

An Algorithm for Assigning End-of-Semester Letter Grades

Assigning mandated end-of-semester letter grades to students is non-trivial. [1]  I refuse to constrain myself to a simple, cumulative percent score that automatically sets my students’ grades.   810 more words


What is the Point of Copying Lesson Objectives? by @rpd1972

This is a blog about action research and the purpose of Lesson Objectives used in teaching and learning. 1,094 more words

Teaching And Learning

Learning to Drive

In February, our district will begin state testing.  Once testing begins, there will be at least one grade level in at least one school in our district testing… 781 more words

Classroom Activities For 1:1 & BYOT

Law of Cosines: An Honors Precalculus Assessment Question


Last semester, I formally assessed my honors precalculus students via summative assessments fourteen times: ten quizzes, three tests, and one final exam.  Informal formative assessments occurred frequently and varied over time.   776 more words

Mathematical Proficiency