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TEC15 Day 2 | Video cameras in English language teaching | A quick summary

This talk was by Jamie Keddie who’s the author of Images (OUP, 2009) and Bringing Online Video into the Classroom (OUP, 2014). He is also the founder of two sites: … 341 more words

What is Can Do Empowerment?

Can Do Empowerment is a three years project within the KA2 Erasmus + Program-

The main objective of this project is to empower trainers as CHANGE AGENTS within their own local context to deal with discrimination, to share and develop an educational, conceptional and methodological basis on which to develop an effective EMPOWERMENT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE training approach which can then be used as the basis for developing practical tools such as manuals, articles, videos, booklets and other training aides which are to be communicated in a variety of different ways to maximize the impact and sustainability of this initiative. 324 more words


Summary of the week in Stockholm

Stockholm 8 – 13.12.2014

During the week in Sweden we learned a lot of new things about the system in Sweden and Stockholm. I did of course compare and relate the things I saw and learned to the system in Finland and Axxell. 246 more words


Textualities 2015: a mini-conference story

A mini-conference. How can such a ‘mini’ name conveys so much? So much stress and sleepless nights, so many nervous students ready to faint before stepping on stage and perform their 6’40 show, such a great deal of work and research involved in this ‘mini’ project, so much energy spent on rehearsing again, and again, and again, (and again) so that it will be perfect when the day comes – but don’t be silly, it won’t of course – and the tireless efforts of you other half who keeps repeating you that your presentation is fantastic, that you are doing a great job, that all you say is absolutely fascinating, that your oral skills can’t be denied by anyone… Hard to follow? 629 more words


Courtroom Drama, Infidelity, and Bears! OH MY!: Sweet Valley High #1 Chapters 14-15

Sometimes I really struggle to title these posts. [Ariel says: I’m glad you have this problem too. Most of the time I just want to write, “Insert Joke Here: Book/Chapter Numbers. 1,203 more words


Tutorial 5 Summary

This summary is a collection of the previous year tutorial 3 and 7 summary. It also includes a short section on global and static variables. The global and static variables are required knowledge for this semester’s course. 24 more words


WordPress School: Week 5

In Lorelle’s WordPress School free online course last week, we started to cover a little more technical information focusing on code within the content areas and the way WordPress generates links: 809 more words