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Gu Family Book~

So I managed to start and finish Gu Family Book in three days and loved it <3 because of the plot and charactors and actors :) 458 more words


Chapter 10

Chapter ten tells that Sam realizes that the relationship between Alicia and him has still a chance because after they visit the x-ray scan to control if the embryo is all right they kiss and Sam starts to think about their relationship in a complete new way. 60 more words


Book 4 Summary: The Giver

Lois Lowry’s famous novel, The Giver, begins with Jonas’s anxiety about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve, where he will be selected for his job role in the community. 723 more words


A Small Introduction

When I was first deciding what I should do, I was unsure about blogging – it didn’t sound like something that I would do – it wasn’t really ME.   587 more words


Chapter 11

Chapter 11 deals with how Sam and Alicia tell their parents about their plans of living together in Alicia’s house. Alicia’s parents react different from Sam’s mother though. 263 more words


Chapter 12

In chapter 12 Sam gets whizzed into the future again. In this future he’s 18. He meets his half-sister Emily for the first time. It is the first time he realizes that he isn’t an only child anymore. 171 more words


Chapter 1

The first chapter of the novel Slam, that was written by Nick Hornby and published in 2001 introduces the reader into the world of Sam, the protagonist of this novel. 77 more words