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"I'm good. You?"

The standard greeting that we present to each other usually consists of a passive and insincere variation of “Hey. How are you?” Our reflexive answer is always always one form or another of “fine.” They don’t really want to know and we know that. 860 more words

Where's the line?

I realized it. I can never know. The others can know. But they don’t know everything. Some things they don’t see, some things I don’t share with. 1,036 more words


April 26th, tell off a neighbour

I can be assertive when I need to be but I am not particularly fond of confrontation. When I saved my neighbours dog from running into the street AGAIN I was pissed. 358 more words


Sometimes the thought of hanging  by a ceiling fan or eating a bulk of sleeping pills comes so easily .We don’t know the life after death but may be the hopeless person is not in a position of thinking and understanding it. 439 more words

Words can hurt..

They can sure hurt even when they aren’t directed towards you. They hurt even more so when someone you love says suicide will probably solve all problems. 120 more words


You said what?

“I’m going to kill myself”. I hate this phrase more than anything else. As someone who has had this legitimate mindset, I find the people who say this completely ignorant . 220 more words


Confidence, like glass, can be shattered in an instant. Either with malice behind it or just accidently, it is the most fragile of my traits. On a good day I feel like I’m not completely disgusting to look at. 168 more words