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Mental Health Emergency Materials for the Community Now Available

Materials developed by Behavioral Health and Recovery Services educating San Mateo County residents on what to do in a Mental Health Emergency are now available.  Information includes what to do and say before and during the 9-1-1 call and what to expect when the police arrives.  43 more words


Facebook Introduces New Tools to Help Prevent Suicide

Last week, Facebook rolled out a new feature for suicide prevention. If a Facebook friend posts something that you feel indicates he or she could be thinking about self harm, you’ll be able to click the little arrow at the top right of the post and click “Report Post.”  Facebook will then review and respond if they feel the individual is distressed. 16 more words

Suicide Prevention

Saving Loved Ones From Suicide, It's Not Always In Your Control

With one text message my weekend went from being completely normal to a scene out of the TV show Intervention. A person I once loved and had a relationship with essentially told me they were thinking of killing themselves and I thought it was up to me to save them. 644 more words

My mind just keeps going...

So I am transferring this from my journal I write in before I started this.. 2/12/14

Sometimes nights can be so dark, Ive had a stressful day. 224 more words

Mental Health

Overcome Bullying with Yoga

I was bullied. I was threatened, shamed, and physically abused through bullying. Now, 33 years old, the pain and disquiet of being bullied lingers. Being bullied can make you feel that someone is watching and waiting to poke a big hole in your balloon, hoping to deflate you. 380 more words


National Issue of Adolescent Suicide


It’s happening everywhere around you. You don’t personally know the victim, so you shake it off. Talking about it makes you uncomfortable. 900 more words

For what won't be

There is a sentiment that says that to mourn for what you never had is pointless. That grief for losing something that never was is just ridiculous self-inflicted misery. 317 more words