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***Trigger Warnings: suicide, mental illness***

It has taken me awhile to write this post.  I apologize for the length. It involves a long journey into my past and it was hard to get my feelings in order.   935 more words



The fact my best friend is gone hurts like hell!!!

I want him back so desperately. It hurts so much!!!

I hate that he’s gone. It’s unbearably painful.


Happy To Be Out At Least

This will be a rough month, but I can’t force myself to go back.  There’s just no way.  I have 3 reasons why I can’t and I might as well explain how I truly feel about the place I was in.  129 more words


Hope Stays [Poem]

I’ve been reading blogs tonight under the Suicide category and felt some survivors needed to hear these words. Praying for your peace at this difficult time my fellow warrior.


No, I am not ok. I'm nowhere near ok.

Today was the day. Today was the day I should have died. Unfortunately I had a babysitter I had to relieve and children I had to care for. 305 more words


A Curse?

So I guess my grandma died this morning.  No one bothered to tell me.  If nobody told me how did I find out?  Facebook of course.  103 more words


The Value of Assets

This past weekend, a local high school senior, Chris Nguyen, took his own life. Statistically, two young people between the ages of 10 and 24 kill themselves every week in Washington state, with another 17 making an attempt. 478 more words