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What is bipolar depression

Bipolar is a roller coaster: ups and downs – happy and sad – active and dead to the world.

Bipolar depression part of Bipolar – it’s low part of the roller coaster ride. 220 more words


Slowly and Painfully Existing

TRIGGER WARNINGS! grief, emotional abuse, food issues, depression, neglect, suicidal ideation

Hello all of my WordPress followers,

I’ve had quite the bit of emotional turmoil since I wrote that informative yet lengthy intro about a week ago. 1,129 more words

“One Laughed In My Face”

At a young age, I found myself a minister’s widow and a single mom working as a church administrative assistant. After a lifetime of trauma and years of suffering with my husband’s battle with cancer, I was done with God but still pretending for my job, for my daughter, and from my guilt. 298 more words



Belief in God does not make one immune to suicide.

There is still so much stigma and fear surrounding the topic of suicide. Even the word suicide can make people feel uneasy, but the reality is that suicide and suicidal ideation are more common than most people want to admit. 610 more words

Actually Borderline

On Guilt, Shame, and Coming Full Circle

Earlier today I was listening to an interview on NPR with a British reporter who had chronicled, and therefore participated in, per his own estimation, rebel and mercenary actions in at least two African conflicts. 1,364 more words

Mental Illness in Entertainment: Six Feet Under

I recently binge-watched “Six Feet Under” for the first time (Michael C. Hall and Frances Conroy being the main draw, though my backup plan for life since I was 15 has been mortuary school) and was overall impressed with the show’s treatment of Billy, who has severe bipolar disorder with psychosis. 565 more words

Rapid-cycle Bipolar Disorder