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I've been feeling pretty crappy....

I have been dealing with intense suicidal thoughts the last few weeks. As I sit here listening to French rock music, I wonder how long it’s going to be until I dip down again. 453 more words


THIS is the reality of taking an overdose. My lips were raw from throwing up, I threw up so much I started throwing up my stomach lining. 382 more words

Mental Illness

Suicidal Taboo

*Trigger warning for those struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression.  If you are easily upset or have a queasy stomach I wouldn’t read this either…sorry. 572 more words

Mental Illness

Feelin' Groovy

You know you’re doing well when you’re sitting in your psychiatrist’s office and all the two of you do is BS for the entire 50 minutes. 324 more words

Bipolar Me

I Don't Want To Die

Trigger warnings apply for those who struggle with suicidal ideation. Please exercise caution if you choose to proceed.

I don’t want to die. I’m not quite ready to go just yet.  320 more words


Light, Breath, Time

Trigger warning: discussion of depression, suicidal ideation.

The greatest trick depression pulls is convincing you it doesn’t exist; that the baseline misery it enforces is normal at best or irrelevant at worst. 871 more words


I was so much older then...

This photo was taken of me in 2012, while I was still living with and being gaslighted to death by my narc. At the time he used my daughter as one of his flying monkeys. 395 more words