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Sugar Cookies: From Blank to Beautiful!

That was step one…

And that was step two! So let’s get right into it!

I waited a day- which was about as long as I could- and started off with a cleared schedule and a royal icing recipe. 689 more words

Eragon Dragon Mark sugar cookies (updates)

First, I would like to give a big thanks to natural sunlight.  You are an amazing help to my photography.  *bows*

Secondly, I’m going to take a moment to comment on this sugar cookie recipe.   212 more words

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Eragon Dragon Mark sugar cookies

(I’m going to apologize for the terrible lighting in the photos right now.  Darkness does that…)

I’ve been on a dragon kick lately and I tried to make some cookies last night… and between low blood sugar, general exhaustion, and way too much powdered sugar, it was a disaster.   221 more words


{Hallejuah Cookies}

Today I felt like a hipster domestic goddess and decided to make a recreation of some cookies that I’d absolutely fallen in love with. Their original name were Glory Bee cookies from Honey café however when this establishment closed down I was left high, dry and desperate. 564 more words

{Photographic Mind}

Loved these sugar cookies!! *MMM* (eggless)

Bake without eggs – sugar cookies

My kids are allergic to eggs so I always try to bake without eggs. I got this recipe from youtube which was quite simple for me to save my time and satisfy my kids’ stomachs. Enjoy! :)


Sugar Cookies: A Blank Canvas!

These last few weeks I’ve been craving some cookie creativity. I’ve looked up hundreds of the most amazing flooded sugar cookies and I just can’t resist not joining in! 722 more words

Holey Moley Kailyn is one!

Some of you might remember my post about my best friend’s baby shower last year? Well, I’ve had the pleasure of watching little Kailyn grow up over the past year and she is single-handedly the cutest little love in the whole world. 644 more words