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One Breath | Nurbakhsh

From pre-eternity to post-eternity
     is but a single breath,
A breath free of all these melodies
      high and low.

Treasure this breath,
     this moment you now enjoy, 110 more words


The Pathway Finally Opened

When my heart came to rule

in the world of love,
it was freed
from both belief
and from disbelief.

On this journey,
I found the problem… 14 more words


Your Mother and My Mother | Hafez

I know the Innkeeper

In this part of the universe.

Get some rest tonight,

Come to my verse tomorrow.

We’ll go speak to the Friend together. 66 more words


The chamber of your heart

Go sweep out the chamber of your heart.
Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved.
When you depart out,
He will enter it. 66 more words


Ilm-o Ishq | Allama Iqbal

Knowledge and Love

Knowledge said to me, Love is madness;
Love said to me, Knowledge is calculation—

O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm! 136 more words


Your Beauty | Jami

Each who has seen Your beauty fine
Utters honestly, ‘I have seen the Divine.’

Everywhere Your lovers wait for grace,
Remove Your veil, reveal Your face! 37 more words


Faithful Lover | Hafez

The moon came to me last night

With a sweet question.

She said,

“The sun has been my faithful lover

For millions of years.

Whenever I offer my body to him… 63 more words