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This Young Man's Response to Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen Will Blow Your Mind

Nearly every day we read about evil and suffering in the world: Violence in the Middle East. Starving people in Africa. Children born disfigured and abandoned. 307 more words


Last month, Hope was made alive to me in a way it never before had. Through being led deeper into God’s word and through his providential leading of a friend to speak on hope, from a completely different angle, I have a new understanding of the significance of hope. 561 more words

If you accept Jesus and become a Christian, will God make you happy?

This is a wonderful, wonderful post from Amy Hall, who writes for the Stand to Reason blog.

She writes:

I had a brief interaction with an atheist on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that unexpectedly turned to the issue of suffering when she said:

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Do You Feel Like the Sky is Falling?

The Bombs are Falling!

I read an interesting article this week that referred to the effects that the bombings had on the English in WWII. The Germans thought that if they bombed the English in their homeland that it would dishearten them. 589 more words


Changing suffering...

There are victims and there are people who have been through hard times and come through.

Many victims are such through no fault of their own.   643 more words


Optimism as compulsion

One of the difficult things about sharing my ideas and experiences is that my outlook isn’t chipper.  In polite society, toeing the line of optimism is practically nonoptional. 441 more words


How To Make Money From Pain And Suffering (And Lose Your Soul Along The Way)

Writing can be a cathartic experience. There have been numerous times where I have written something and found myself relieved, to the point of tears. It’s almost as if seeing the words come into existence, allows you to finally face things that you’ve consciously and subconsciously buried away in dark corners of your body and soul. 628 more words