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Brain Teasers!


Here is the puzzle. Good luck!


Day 227: in which I feel really, really stupid

I have never been very good with logic. I mean, I’m smart enough, I guess, but my brain doesn’t automatically make the connections that other brains do. 572 more words

Worksheet of the Week: Fun with Sudoku

Have you ever played a Sudoku puzzle before? They are challenging problems that involve filling a box where no rows or columns repeat the same number. 43 more words

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Twelve Lessons Learned While Doing Sudoku

When I retired several years ago, I told myself I wouldn’t sit around doing crossword puzzles all day long. As a word person, I love crossword puzzles. 383 more words


Adding colour to a day off colour

It seems there are advantages to feeling poorly an entire day. Sunday was one such day: Headache, feeling cold, knackered, hardly any appetite. Reading was impossible as I could read and re-read a paragraph three times and still not understand the words. 69 more words


Solving the World's Hardest Sudoku Puzzle

Whenever I want to learn a new programming language, I like to think up a challenge and then I try to make it in that new language. 572 more words


The Sudoku Man

A fellow passenger was solving this when I snapped this one.