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The Neighbors: The Open Letter Edition,

Dear Neighbor:

Are  you missing something? Your DOG, maybe?

So, hey, Neighbor, let me explain to you how my morning went, thanks to your inability to care for your puppy. 707 more words


So Much For Immortality...

You know, I have to wonder if EVERY generation thinks that they are the first ever immortal generation.  I know that the friends I went to high school with and I thought we surely must be… 579 more words


10 Definitive Reasons Your Employer is a DICK for "Letting You Go" Around the Holidays

No one likes being let go, even if it is from the shittiest of shitty jobs with shitty bosses, who make you feel like shit about yourself on a daily basis. 394 more words


Ode to a Friend...

This post is sad.

You’ve been appropriately warned.

When someone you consider family passes away, many thoughts and memories have a tendency to fill your mind, whether you want them to or not. 725 more words

I Finally Caught a Break!!!!!

Okay, granted…It wasn’t the kind of break I’d been hoping for, but …

Ok, so I broke my damned ankle last Thursday night. I know the first thing that is probably crossing your mind is, “OMG! 1,575 more words


The Down-Side to the Electronic Age

This isn’t going to be one of those happy-go-lucky posts I usually try to do.

Yesterday I had an “ah-hah” moment, and not a good one. 786 more words


Catching Up...

I know I have been less than present this past week or so, and I do apologize, but that whole life-thing? Yeah, that.

This past month has been something of a lesson in irony appreciation. 744 more words

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