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Useful Advice That Can Help Your Home Business Enterprise Succeed

Beginning a home based business is a thrill. Being your own boss is definitely an advantage. That said, all responsibility lies on your shoulders when you work from home. 146 more words

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 32

I am excited and nervous to see what my journal entries will be when I’m at day 100 or day 200. I hope by then that I have made some significant changes in my eating habits, resulting in a permanent weight loss. 275 more words


FAIL is my system to succeed

OK I enjoy the irony of this headline but I thought, ”why not?” you see there is a cultural divide in how different nations accept success and failure. 1,243 more words


Tell Your Hair... I'm Here!

The question I am most asked is why do I wear & review wigs?

The answer is because it is now another extension of me. I have grown to learn about wigs & what they are & can be. 96 more words


You succeed when you help others succeed

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One thing I can’t stand in life, is when I see people who are deliberately trying to stop other people from succeeding. If you work for a company or as part of a team, at some point or another to achieve success you are going to need the support of others to succeed. 717 more words


What is Your Exit Strategy?

Well, chronologically March 4th is the 4-year anniversary of this blog but since I have been persona non grata for close to a year it might be a stretch to think this post as an anniversary.  815 more words


Ashling's March Monthly Challenge: Struggle

Gracie stands around a circle of people. She can hear words, laughter, anger and joy and yet  she can’t understand a word of what they’re saying. 170 more words

Ashling's Monthly Challenge