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Fake it till' you make it

How many times have you heard that saying, “fake it till’ you make it” or some variation? I have several times, and I even give myself the advice in some form, and follow it whether I mean to or not. 923 more words


Never Give Up. 

A came across this short quote (not sure who the source is but if you know, please let me know!) and have been trying to stick to it.

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Where's Your Inspiration?

I identified my life quote when I was in high school.

With Emerson’s definition of success in mind, I set off into the world to succeed. 419 more words


DO YOU ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE??? Did you know that your more likely to succeed i...

DO YOU ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE??? Did you know that your more likely to succeed if you hold yourself accountable through social media? Instead of worrying about others judging you, think about all the encouragement you will receive & the people you could inspire. 28 more words

Attract Resources!

Wake up!! It’s never a lack of resources, but resourcefulness that allows one to succeed at what they set their mind to! ‪#‎MillionaireMindset‬ ‪#‎LiveWhatsInYOU‬ ‪#‎StepUp‬ ‪#‎LiveTheGoodLife‬ ‪#‎FindIt‬ ‪#‎FeedIt‬ ‪#‎BeIt‬ ‪#‎CantStopWontStop‬ ‪#‎ChangingLives‬ ‪#‎JustinNimergood‬ ‪#‎Kyani‬ ‪#‎Zaggtime‬ ‪#‎amazing‬ ‪#‎bestoftheday‬ ‪#‎followme‬ ‪#‎like4like‬ ‪#‎look‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎instacool‬ ‪#‎instadaily‬ ‪#‎instafollow‬ ‪#‎instago‬ ‪#‎instagood‬ ‪#‎instalike‬ ‪#‎mygrind‬ ‪#‎picoftheday‬ ‪#‎smile‬ ‪#‎style‬ ‪#‎swag‬ ‪#‎work‬


That Will Never Work

Have you ever heard those words? I certainly have and I’ve heard them many times in countless meetings.

I’ve heard this idea will never work, I’ve heard that idea will never work, I’ve heard we tried that before, I’ve heard every variation of it’s just not going to work. 271 more words


Aim high!

Everyone has an ambition whether it’s to gain a university degree or take over the world! Okay maybe the last one was a little extreme but you get the idea. 228 more words