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Prize Winning Literary Math (or 3rd place & $3.75 will buy you a moccha frappuccino) by Laurie Frankel

I’ve been sending out a lot lately—submitting my work like wet spaghetti flung hot onto a wall—seeing what sticks. Recently, I learned I was a contest finalist—whoot. 630 more words

Publishing Addendums

A win in its own way...

Today is the UNESCO’s World Book Day, so I made sure to visit one of my favorite local bookstores (shop cat included) and buy a couple more books to add to my growing stacks. 188 more words

Writer For 365

The Best Rejection Letters EVER

Come now, we all know the secret to good writing is ignoring your novel manuscripts and blogging about writing instead (data backs this up; don’t test me.) 171 more words


Tooo Long

It has been over a year since I have written anything. Ok, a couple of letters, some grants, tons of emails and texts, but nothing that could be considered creative. 328 more words



…said the poem to the poet


In the lonesome back alleys
of thought, I tell the secrets;
the sullied ones people hide… 455 more words


Adapting Reduces Strife and Fighting

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Have you ever heard the expression, pick your battles? Great truth resides within that statement and it is what God is trying to teach us in Ephesians 5:21(NIV)  Husbands and wives are instructed: “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”   764 more words