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Her Preferred Choice

Her Preferred Choice
by Kilted Wookie for Friday Flash

She stood there, an array of implements laid out before her from which to choose. She pondered each one. 215 more words


Fl should come with a warning

I had a very bad experience recently on fl, bad enough that I had to close my account and start another one. For a brief minute I thought of not rejoining at all, but then I realized that this too, is learning about me. 579 more words


And then for the real treat...

Master has spanked her, cuddled her
made sure she came several times
Now she owes him – big time
And she willingly submits to the real treat of the afternoon

Oh, that taste…


It feels so good!

Oh, Master is home again!
After waiting and waiting she’s been uncuffed
And because she’s a good and obedient sub
she’s getting a treat today… 9 more words


The Underground Vol. 10 Pt. 2

            Derek and Carter carried the spent roommates back upstairs while Matt grabbed a couple bottles of wine from the cellar. On the main floor, the men deposited each girl on a couch in the living room before curling in behind them.  420 more words



Today women have made so many strides in regards to being independent, taking leadership roles in the workforce, and having dominating ideas. Now to most men this is intimidating and causes a turn off, and makes one coward away. 242 more words