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My sweet friend Mir from IMVU linked this test on her Facebook, she is a babygirl/submissive and shared the link for anyone to have a go at it, I did it just now and the results are not surprising at all for me considering I too am very submissive/kitten :P

– Lu

The Diary Entries

Morning kiss....

Electric love vibes. …

Punishments levels are raising!

So as you probably gathered from my ‘humiliation (contd.)’ post, MJ is getting a bit fed up with some of my behaviours. I have never claimed to be anything short of a full-on brat that likes what she likes and tries to get what she wants. 370 more words

... and waiting...

She waits patiently
Her body tightly bound
Excitement and lust
slowly setting her loins on fire…



Saturday morning and she’s waiting


Oi, Princess Submissive, STFU

It’s bad enough when you get armchair doms telling you how all subs should behave. But with them – if feeling generous – you can at least put it down to wishful thinking. 654 more words


White Knights & Delicate Flowers

Dear White Knights & Delicate Flowers – oh and while I’m at it, Social Justice Warriors and Militant Feminists,

Please stop speaking for me. While you may view the female of the species as delicate, vulnerable and in need of protection – I don’t. 721 more words