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Stop Fooling Around with Relativism

We can thank the devil (who came in the form of the Enlightenment philosophers) for the prevalent disaster (a.k.a Post-Modernity) facing our world when it comes to proclaiming truth. 774 more words


Does It Matter If Rachel Dolezal is an Apple?

The scandal of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter president, Rachel Dolezal, turning out to be a Caucasian of European descent created a firestorm of emotion and response in June, 2015. 1,026 more words

Christian Perspective on John Frame

By John W. Robbins

Perspectives on the Word of God, An Introduction to Christian Ethics, John M. Frame. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1990, indexes, 66 pages, $5.95. 251 more words

Sola Scriptura

The Distortion of Truth To an Accepting Culture

I found myself in a state of shock for an instant, but then remembered quickly that nothing should surprise me anymore. Even logic has found itself thrown out the window. 665 more words


Subjectivism: The Death of Morality

A while back I shared a NYT article where the author worried that we aren’t teaching our children morality anymore on my FB. I received a lot of responses that morality is merely a, “I believe what I believe, you believe what I believe,” foundation. 433 more words


Truth is not only a what, it is also a Who.

So, what is truth?  Truth is more than a what.  It is not just a philosophy, idea, or mindset.  It is more than a statement or something you read in a book.  386 more words

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