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The Measles Outbreak and American Anti-intellectualism

Ayn Rand wrote, “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

As of February 20, 2015, 154 cases of measles… 898 more words


The end of Church as we know it?

Is the Church stumbling into an era of religious postmodernism? There is a lot of talk about the bottom falling out on the Church as youth and young adults attend church services less and less. 806 more words


Chapter Two: Reason And Action, Part 1

This is the second installment in my ongoing series of posts on The Point of View of the Universe by Peter Singer and Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek. 1,212 more words


The Utter Meaninglessness of Life: A Response to Neil Levy

Theistic philosophers often argue that the naturalistic worldview renders life completely meaningless (Craig, 1994, p57-75).  On their understanding, objective meaning can only be derived from a transcendent–i.e., supernatural–source.   1,909 more words


Values Jugments

There seems to be a common misconception about Ethics, based on the notion that, as the subject-matter of ethics is in values and norms, it is a discourse of opinions and values judgment, and thus unfit of… 1,430 more words


Subjectivism, too many diagonals


What do we mean when we say something is beautiful? Beauty, or other similar words, describe the attraction of something. However, while there is often similarity in the appreciation of beauty some people find somethings beautiful that other people do not. 664 more words

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