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Between the folds

I’ve always wondered about the threesome from the book of John. Stuff God’s Spirit will expose the world on when he comes. But the reasons Jesus gives always seemed to dangle at loose ends, like the spanker’s question from… 313 more words


Wave and Sun

This has always been one of my favorites, though I am not certain why.  I painted this several years back (2009? 2010?) when I lived on the Gulf Coast at Corpus Christi, TX.  232 more words


I am not Light Hearted

This evening, i talk about talking for I am out of thoughts to write about.

Just kidding… I have novels worth of neural patterns to transcribe. 280 more words


Morality will always be subjective as rights and wrongs are subject to interpretations

Reflective Quotes

Meditation - a beginning

Let’s look at an overview of meditation itself.

For me, I believe we don’t meditate to find peace. We meditate to be at peace with what we find – in Mindfulness meditation we develop the ability to accept the emotions and feelings that occur during the meditation. 440 more words


What is the nature of reality?

This is, i’m sure you will agree, a difficult question to answer.  And there is obviously no simple way to give an answer to the question. 620 more words

Society And Politics



Jamaican songs were playing and
We both weren’t dancing
I asked you for a seat and
That was the first I saw you smile. 77 more words