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On Objective Truth

We live in a country, a world, in which truth is considered merely subjective. It’s such a beautiful sentiment, carved from a misconception of freedom. You have the right to believe what you want to believe, and because you believe it, it is truth. 790 more words


Short Story - The Man and his Cat

He wasn’t alone. Not really. The old man sat in his chair, where he always sat- a fire blazed in the corner of the room and he thought. 800 more words

William Coad

Kristen Stewart


>> Young Stewart (from kid to teen)

>> Photoshoot

>> Middle finger everywhere (paparazzi is her enemy)

>> Casual… 66 more words

Tak Berkategori

A country per month. Why?

A lot has happened since I moved to England. Visited and explored London even more than some of my friends who live here for years. Started travelling more often than before, being more of a “Yes” person and spontaneous than before. 176 more words


To Each His Own Reality

Reality is something that most all of us tend to accept. I trust that the world assembled in front of me offers you yourself roughly the same sensory experience. 602 more words

Arts And Culture

Why Creativity Sits Uncomfortably With Grading Methodologies

The existence of creative courses such as Art/Design suggest that creativity can in fact be taught but also graded. They are faced with the challenge, not only to understand the meaning of creativity but how it can or cannot or should be taught. 673 more words