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Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Donna Leach

This week’s artwork begins with the visual representation of objects shown through ceramicist Donna Leach. In conversation with Donna, she describes her work asĀ “the aesthetic sensibilities experienced from the visual representation created within an object displaying contradictions of the real and unreal.” 199 more words

Turning Point

The Ego and spiritual progress!

Something I won’t personally allow myself to do is

(1) compare myself to others, for we are all unique and on separate paths to different destinies… 337 more words


The theory of compulsive comparison

Being in the most wonderful relationship, with a woman who holds not only your heart, but your soul, and captivates every once of your being… It is the most perfect situation I could ever find myself in. 484 more words

The Subjective Ostrich

Subjective goals are slippery for a reason. Objectivity relies on accurate assessment that can be black or white. A pass or fail situation can put a lot of pressure on a team. 207 more words



He says to me, ‘She is easily distracted’. I say nothing back.

He sits next to me, and mocks my lack of knowledge for valuable items, like the CD he had in his hand. 87 more words


Contextual Clues

How much do you charge? That is a difficult question to answer for any product. Different prices carry different associations. Different locations in a shop or across the world influence money. 318 more words

The Intertwined Realities of the Practical Mystic

We live in world filled with myriad of strange mysteries. Many cannot be explained, at least with our present understanding of the universe. Despite that these phenomena cannot yet be explained, they can still be experienced. 708 more words