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BSC : Production process

Bsc Production process

Beginning the production process by testing different sensor components using the ardunio checking which sensors can be used with the sound system provided for us ,and adjusting the resistance of the components in order to achieve the maximum potential the sensors can achieve for the product . 125 more words


Cardiff arts museum visit, 'Fragile?' exhibition.

Fragile? showcases the beauty and diversity of contemporary ceramics practice in its widest sense. It explores the artistic and expressive possibilities of ceramic as a material, including the contradiction between two of its inherent qualities – durability and fragility. 280 more words


Ghost Stories- Finals

Finishing off my collograph cuttings, from the obvious to the ambiguous.  I printed the graphic matte black squares first and was inspired by the variation in each different print, as no two prints were the same from their stamp. 474 more words


Conceptual boxes-Inside/Outside

What the firts box contains reveals what I consider to be the World we live in today:


Inside outside/Development of the painting

I came across the painting: Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth by Turner in Tate which made me work on the painting I am going to present for my Assessment. 79 more words


Pots - Greek perceptions of afterlife and the tortured form 

From Playing of on ideas of Ancient Greek perceptions of death I decided to look into the idea of creating my own Greek pots to portray and represent my ideas and theories of the tortured and forgotten Ancient Greek idea of death and the souls lost in Greek afterlife. 527 more words