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Act Four Analysis

Act Four

  Night came. At the stroke of midnight he rose and said; ‘little sister, make ready; we are going to mass.’ She said ‘My beloved brother, I do not think it is a holiday today.’ ‘Yes, my sister, it is a holiday, let us go.’ ‘It is still too early to go, brother’ she said, ‘no’ he answered ‘young maidens always take a long time to get ready.’ The sister began to dress; she was very slow and reluctant. 351 more words

Level 6

Right v. Privilege …Again?

This post inspired by Religious Freedom (in other words, Freedom to Discriminate).  (And funny/sad, the last time I tried to write a response/inspired post to one of Becky’s, I trashed it…)  As politics manages to creep into everything, I don’t want to spend too much time on this, so this is a bit sloppy and looks more like a comment than a post.  497 more words


Section Three - Stitching Continued

I eventually finished Tulliers palace, and cut it to fit next to the face of the Red Virgin of Montmartre.


This section will also include Hotel de Ville, two male silouhettes with targets over their heads to represent the dead communards, and then a faceless Archbishop of Paris with bullet holes in his body. 115 more words


"Girl In Pencil" Artist Unknown

Draw me.
Close your eyes.
Lick your pencil tip.
Now draw me. From memory.

Doors and Stairs - Sound installation by Furio Ganz (Documentation Video)

Video documentation of my site specific sound installation inside the staircase of CSAD / Cardiff Metropolitan University.
I realized this work during the Sonic Art workshop with Alexandros  Kontogeorgakopoulos, with the help of Neil Pedder.


Canopy Video

I made this video today, to use as a projection in my installation.