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RTD planning new Metro Express route in South Stockton

As cities across the country clamor for more reliable public transportation infrastructure, Stockton is quietly laying the groundwork for an expansion of its wildly popular Bus Rapid Transit service known as the Metro Express. 510 more words


Book Review: 'A Book of Spirits and Thieves' by Morgan Rhodes

You know how when you pick out a book to read, there are certain things that you gravitate toward and certain things that make you hesitate? 805 more words


Book Review: 'Every Last Word' by Tamara Ireland Stone

As readers, we all have certain things that draw us toward a book and certain things that we tend to avoid when choosing a book. I usually shy away from book that focus heavily on illness – probably the direct result of the popularity of books like Six Months to Live and anything by Lurlene McDaniel during my formative years. 760 more words

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Where's the best location for a CSU Stockton?

Much has been made recently regarding a potential full-fledged California State University in Stockton, and rightfully so. It’s pretty remarkable that a city of our size has been overlooked for a state school while places such as Humboldt, San Marcos, and Chico have campuses. 1,540 more words


TDQ Joins the Percy Pack: 'Percy Jackson' Summer Deal and Giveaway

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, The Daily Quirk will be participating in an awesome blog event: The Percy Pack! As a participant in the Percy Pack,  316 more words

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Should Stockton lower building fees for greenfield development?

Just a few weeks ago, the Building and Industry Association of the Delta proposed cutting permitting for fees for single family homes in order to jump start construction on the outskirts of Stockton. 751 more words


Quirky Item of the Week: 'Game of Thrones' Dragon Egg Canister

I’m a huge Game of Thrones nerd, so anything related to the book and/or television series will always catch my attention. This hand-painted ceramic canister resembles one of the Khaleesi’s beautiful dragon eggs (the one that hatches to become Rhaegal, in case you were wondering). 149 more words

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