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Melody Bitkoff ~ An Apology Letter from My Subconscious Mind

Today’s post comes from my friend, Melody Bitkoff, who told me she had posted this on Facebook where many readers expressed having felt deep healing by reading her own vulnerable process. 12 more words

A Sneak Preview: Works in Progress

Over the last few weeks I have been working on several new mixed media pieces, continuing with the theme of psychosis and dream experience. Here are a few close up sections of the art works:



In the path of moksha

Arjuna was jealous of Krishna praising Karna for his genorosity. Krishna knew this and decided to teach Arjuna a lesson. Krishna gave Arjuna a mount of gold and asked to donate it among the people. 130 more words

Essay on Pre realism

The Prerealist logo

Throughout history, there are easily identified periods of revolution, upheaval, and revolt which are undoubtedly linked to an explosion in artistic expression. Eventually, this develops into an organized, coherent movement of some sort. 2,025 more words


Further Notes on Pre realism

Comparison to Surrealism

Surrealism was clearly a study of objects. By reconstructing – through word, thought, and paintbrush – those overused, commonplace items that surround us in our conscious state, the surrealists attempted to change notions of reality by pointing out the hidden meanings of objects. 1,562 more words



These words—subconscious, conscious and super-conscious—need definition; they are spoken about so glibly and mean different things according to different schools of thought.

The term ‘subconscious’ is used to signify the entire instinctual life of the personality nature, all the inherited tendencies and innate predispositions, all the acquired and accumulated characteristics (acquired in past incarnations and frequently lying dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress of circumstance) and all the unformulated wishes and urges which drive a man into activity, plus the suppressed and unrecognised desires, and the unexpressed ideas which are present, though unrealised. 299 more words

Spirit, Soul, Personality


I hope to discuss this topic intensely and at length with the bloggers, peepers and sometimers, should you be interested in doing so. This is a deep topic which takes much to understand on a deeper level. 908 more words