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Essay on Pre realism

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Throughout history, there are easily identified periods of revolution, upheaval, and revolt which are undoubtedly linked to an explosion in artistic expression. Eventually, this develops into an organized, coherent movement of some sort. 2,025 more words


Further Notes on Prerealism

Comparison to Surrealism

Surrealism was clearly a study of objects. By reconstructing – through word, thought, and paintbrush – those overused, commonplace items that surround us in our conscious state, the surrealists attempted to change notions of reality by pointing out the hidden meanings of objects. 1,562 more words



“…that knits up the raveled sleave of care…”--Shakespeare

. . . The lark’s song weds

the curlew’s cry at sunrise,

abandoning the studded sadness… 33 more words


Emotional Unavailability in the Tarot

After last week’s post about waiting for soulmates to come around, I decided to write about some Tarot cards that represent emotional unavailability. These cards can represent unavailability in the querent as well as the person they are inquiring about. 1,198 more words

Caiti Cosmic

There's no place like home

I have been drinking since the age of 15 and smoking for most of that time. That’s about a decade, or 40% of my life for the pie graph fans out there. 824 more words

Imperator Furiosa

Dreaming the Answers

It’s been a whirlwind of finals, moving, and starting a new job these last few weeks, but I find that I happily have some time to write a bit today. 546 more words


"Far Enough Now"

“Far enough now, for thoughts to sing and memories to appear, close enough now to truly be here, and how is this day different, how is it new, if I still only think of you, when every turn might be the one, under moon, under sun, the haunting of a song, life is never too long, I am far enough now to hear a calling, to finally hear you.”